We are the Kalamas

Hapa Holiday is the collective effort of husband and wife duo Sarah Jacobs and Kahana Kalama. 

Sarah is a Palm Desert native (by way of 29 palms) and is the second oldest in a family of 8 children.  Currently, a full time mom of four and part time dental hygienist Sarah is a French fry connoisseur and has a knack for all things thrift.

Kahana was born and raised on the east side of Oahu and ventured to San Diego 10 years ago to pursue a degree in Business. After a decade of toiling in the surf/fashion trade as both a professional surfer and hired hand for different brands in the industry, Kahana co-founded the Aloha Beach Club.  

Located in the heart of North Park Aloha Beach Club is a made in the USA menswear collection and multi brand retail store. In addition Kahana also designs and consults for a number brands through his creative agency Beach Club Studios.

The term Hapa is derived from a Hawaiian word used to describe someone who is of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander decent.

"Growing up in a family of 8 children I was privy to gain a unique appreciation for large families. Where we lacked in financial liquidity we more than made up for with creative ingenuity.  We came to appreciate all types of adventures including the biggest one of all… just getting 8 kids out of the house.

As Kahana and I transitioned into being young parents we had a hard time finding credible information from a website that offered the type of info we were looking for as it specifically pertained to family friendly travel, recreation and restaurants.

After fielding so many requests from other parents in regards to our approach to travel, marriage, wellness and, we figured we may as well create a virtual scrapbook to chronicle the insights gained through our experiences." - Sarah Jacobs


Follow along for travel tips, interviews with other parents and product reviews as we explore rad, kid-friendly places in a way that won't break the bank.


The Kalamas Currently

Live in North Park, San Diego and spend their time bouncing between Southern California, Hawaii and Palm Springs. If you see us around town don't be shy... and please say hi.

**Disclaimer: WE ARE NOT EXPERT PARENTS… nor do we claim to be. For the most part we are just a clan of kids, humbly trying to claw our way through a happy life looking to learn from other parents along the way.

If you're interested in showing us your family's favorite places please email us at hapaholiday@gmail.com