Hapa Holiday

Aurora is here...

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On December 20, 2016 our family got a little bigger and our youngest daughter Aurora Noelle Ka Pua Nani Ola Pono Lokahi Ke Keiki Lani Wahine Ali'i o Hawai'i Kalama was born. .

It's funny how giving birth can begin to feel familiar.  With the birth of Aurora, it's as though time stops and your body shifts into gear to do what it has to do. .

The difference with this time around is that I knew I had two other babies needing and wanting me at home.  Are they okay? are they miserable without me? And more importantly how are they going to feel about Kahana and I bringing a new human being into our home to share their room, snacks, toys and most of all our affection? .

Here's a short video @kahanak made documenting Aurora's introduction to the world and the first time she met Duke and Coco.  I think it's safe to say they're going to get along just fine... there's always room for one more.

Hapa Holiday X Daniel Wellington

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Anyone who has known me over the years can attest to the fact that my own personal aesthetic tends to be clean, simple and usually involves an abundance of black.  That’s why I’m stoked to be collaborating with Daniel Wellington on the release of their new Classic Black Watch.


Visit www.danielwellington.com now through October 15th and use the code “HOLIDAY” for a 15% discount and exclusive access to the watch.

Photographed by Suzi Jacobs

Field Trip: Lala's East County Pool Party

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One of the things we love most about San Diego, is the epic group of people we are surrounded by and the unbeatable quality of life.  So much is available within a 20 minute drive in any direction which is great because we tend to find fulfillment through diversity, new experiences and time spent with people we love.  On this particular Saturday we headed to East County San Diego for a pool party to celebrate the birth of Laurie Wickens (aka Lala) the CEO and founder of Laurie's Cowabunga Daycare. 

All photo's by my sis Suzi Jacobs.

Big Sur Road Trip

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Every year we try to make it a point to take at least a few trips through California’s central coast.  Big Sur’s redwood line Santa Lucia mountain range and rugged coastline proved the perfect environment for a weekend of camping, hiking and exploring with the family.

The drive out to Big Sur can be a little strenuous so we like to break up the trip with an overnight stay in Morro Bay.  A few of our Big Sur Favorites include:

Fernwood Resort

Sand Dollar Beach

Andrew Molera State Park

Mcway Falls

And... here's a short edit of from Evan Schell during our most recent trip up the coast.

Slowtide Debut Collection

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If you’ve been tagging along on our #balihapaholiday, you’ve probably noticed the rad assortment of towels that have been making appearances in our photos.  Those beautiful art inspired towels are the results of a collaborative effort from three of our friends and their new brand Slowtide.  We’re excited to announce that the brand is officially launching their debut collection today.  The complete range of towels is available at Aloha Beach Club, and at www.slowtide.co

Duke + Coco for Rylee + Cru

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All Photos by Jackie Wonders

All Photos by Jackie Wonders

Earlier this spring, we headed out with one of Kahana's long time friends Kelli Murray to collaborate on the lookbook for her children's clothing line - Rylee + Cru.  With little to no direction the kids played an epic game of dress up while romping around the desert.  I think it's safe to say that Duke and Coco are naturals and we couldn't have begged them to be any cuter.

The Rylee + Cru Spring 2015 collection entitled "Out West" consists of a collection of quality printed basics that are as soft to the hand as they are darling to the soul.  Shop the range online at www.ryleeandcru.com.