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Moorten Botanical Garden

Kahana KalamaComment
Sarah and Coco in the Cactarium at Moorten Botanical Garden

Sarah and Coco in the Cactarium at Moorten Botanical Garden

The first time I had ever been to the Moorten Botanical Garden was for Duke and Coco’s shoot with Jackie Wonders for Rylee and Cru and I had no idea that it was located only a couple of blocks from the Ace Hotel and Swim Club.

For an in depth explanation of this spot you can visit their page on PalmSprings.com.  Nonetheless, the annotated Kalama version goes a little like this...  It’s a rad little garden that was established in 1938 and is home to over 3,000 examples of desert plants.  There’s a good chance you’ve probably seen your favorite insta-celeb posing for a photo op in a dome shaped well lit room swarming with succlents..  This is the all to famous Cactarium and Duke and Coco loved it.  Other highlights include the pet turtles, doves, and little trails that make the groms feel like their going on some sort of treasure hunt.

If you think your kids can't resist the urge to pet the prickly green “yo gabba gabbas” as Duke calls them, I’d avoid the visit.  However, if they can it’s an excellent cheap and easy excursion to get acquainted with some real life desert flora.

Address: 1701 S. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, Ca. 92264


Adults + Seniors: $4.00

Kids Ages 5 – 15: $2.00

Kids under 5: Free

Website: http://moortenbotanicalgarden.com/